Barcode Image Testing & Verification Services

Barcode verification instruments measure reflective light response, and dimensional bar/space data with up to +/- .0002" precision.

Package Printing Certification and Problem Resolution

Independent third-party barcode image label compliance authority.  Pre & post-production examinations.

Corporate Awareness Training & Loss Prevention

Qualified, experienced instructors develop course content that fits the need of each client.

Photos of Tools in the Barcode Quality Examination Lab


RJS Autoscan

The RJS Autoscan is a precision dimensional measuring tool that measure to within 2/10,000 of an inch.  It is primarily used for barcode images, but has been used to measure other industrial products and materials.

RJS CodaScan II, Printer & 3600's

RJS Codascan is one of our favorite tools to detect and dignose printing problems


PSC QuickCheck 650 with Autowand.

PSC was acquired by Welch Allen.  This is the PSC QuickCheck 650 and when used with the Autowand, precise scan paths and speeds are followed ensuring optimal scans for assessment readings.

Symbol Technologies LaserCheck II

The Symbol LaserCheck II was used verification and data gathering.  We no longer use this product.


RJS Inspector 4000

RJS produced this verification too after the new reflectance-based barcode standards were adopted.

Linear and Reflectance Measurment Tools

Typical work in our labs requires us to utilize new and old technologies to paint a clear pitcher of barcode health.


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